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Software Developers

Client-Side Apps

These solutions are designed for Microsoft based PCs where the software runs on the clients computer. Industry-specific software includes point-of-sale (retail), video rental, and tanning / salon software.
Web Apps
Web software development utilizes the Internet to store the software and associated data. The client accesses the software product and information through  any computer or device with an Internet connection.

Phone Apps
These software products run on Android OS devices which gives users the freedom of mobility without the need of a tablet and a WiFi connection. The app can be self contained or data driven using SQL Server.
Custom Software
As custom software developers, we can create applications to meet your specific needs. We have you covered from design to implmentation using client-side apps, web apps, phone, apps, and web hosting.

Industry Specific Software

Retail Point-of-Sale
Retailers deserve an easy-to-use solution to help them manage and sell their products and services. This software is scalable from a single POS terminal to multiple locations.
Video Rental Software
Video retailers don't need to fear Netflix or Redbox any longer with the use of these secret weapons inside of this video rental and game trading software. Easy to use with fast results.
Tanning / Salon Software
Solis is a tanning, spa, hair, and nail salon software product that lets you run your business your way and gives you powerful features that will help you achieve your goals and dreams faster.
Sales Automation
The Hopper is the ultimate sales software taking some of the workload off your shoulders through automated systems that can send letters, emails and schedule activities.

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