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Web, Android, and Client Side Apps

Website Design

  • Custom Design - Your website design will be tailored specifically for you. No templates or cookie cutters.
  • Mobile Friendly - Your website will look great on computer browsers, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Domain Name - You will own your domain name and the hosting space.
  • Up Front Pricing - Our rates are affordable and the results are well worth it. You will know in advance what your site will cost to produce.
  • Size To Fit - No project is too small or too large. Whether you need a simple static website with a few pages or need a data driven dynamic website, you will get just the features you need.
  • Get Connected - By now you realize that people find you on the web, and professional updated website is a great place to start.
Website Design

Android Apps

  • Duotaire - Game - Duotaire is a two-person game based on the traditional solitaire style of Klondike. Both players play the game at the same time, playing their own game but sharing common foundation piles. You can play against another person or against the computer. Duotaire.
  • Word Search Replay - Game - Word Search Replay is a classic word-search game. Learn more about Word Search Replay.
  • Word Find Head-2-Head - Game - An on-line word-search game that is played using a 4x4 grid of letter tiles, in which players attempt to find words of three or more letters in sequences of adjacent letter tiles. Your website will look great on computer browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. Learn more about Word Find Head-2-Head.
  • VaultMonkey - App - VaultMonkey is an app designed to allow you to store and retrieve login information for up to 2000 websites. Learn more about VaultMonkey.
  • Tip O'Meter - App - Tip O'Meter is more than just a tip calculator, it is a server motivator! Learn more about Tip O'Meter.
  • Recipe Calorie Calculator - App - Recipe Calorie Calculator is designed to allow you to enter the ingredients of a recipe and produce a ball-park figure on the per-serving calories of the dish. Learn more about Recipe Calorie Calculator.
  • Reader Board - App - Use your phone as a reader board to convey a message or feeling to someone across the room or in another vehicle. ReaderBoard even has a mirror option so you can send a message to the car in front of you. Learn more about Reader Board.
  • Mine Maze - Game - Find your way through a random mine tunnel, gathering gold and gems along the way as fast as you can! Learn more about Mine Maze.
  • Mine Madness - Game - Mine Madness is a classic arcade-style game where your goal is help Miner Mike dig his way through all 50 levels of the mine to make it to freedom. Learn more about Mine Madness.
  • Galactic bounty Hunter - Game - Your objective as Captain of a bounty hunting ship is to seek out and destroy known villains which are menacing the galaxy. Learn more about Galactic bounty Hunter.
Andoid Apps

Supply Orders

  • Receipt Rolls - We carry paper rolls for receipt printers and credit card machines. Thermal, 1-ply impact, 2-ply impact, and 3-ply impact. We have a variety of widths and roll diameters. We ship from four warehouses across the U.S.
  • Pre-Print Bar Codes Labels - Available in rectangle or DVD hub styles, these bar code labels are geared for products without a UPC.
  • Zebra Labels - Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels for the Zebra 2824 and the Zebra GK420D.
  • Gift Cards - Custom gift cards for use with Alerion Point-of-Sale and Phoenix POS systems.
Supply Orders

POS Software

  • Alerion Point-of-Sale Software - A computer based application for the retail point-of-sale and video rental industries. Designed to reduce your work flow and provide you vital stats on your business. Alerion comes in two parts, the point-of-sale (POS) where your clerks conduct business and the back office (XMT).
  • Solis Tanning and Salon Software - Solis is a Windows based tanning, spa, hair, and nail salon software that will help you achieve your goals and dreams faster.
  • Offsite Backup System - This product runs silently in the background and will backup your Alerion, Phoenix, or Solis database to a secure remote site.
POS Software

POS Hardware

POS Hardware

Install Code

  • Running a legacy product like Phoenix for Windows, TURNS, or The Complete Video Store? If you need an installation code, you can retrieve it by clicking the link below.

    Get and Installation Code
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