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Knowing what you need is half the battle. The other half is understanding the tools to make it happen. You are looking for a result and not just any software will do. The products and services you will discover on this site are geared at helping you get a result. Without results, why bother.

video store software
software development

We provide a range of software development including: Android applications, web apps, web site development, and client-side applications. You will find software that is ready to go for a specific industry, like point-of-sale and video rental. You will also find that we develop custom applications for almost any situation. We look forward to helping you get results.

Retail Point of Sale

Entrepreneurs face many challenges these days, and one of the biggest is finding time to get everything done. It's hard enough to run the day-to-day aspect of business, let alone spending time analyzing and fine tuning your operation for higher profits.

Alerion point of sale software
Alerion point of sale software

That's where Alerion point of sale comes in. Alerion can play a vital role in helping you reach your goals.


Video Store Software

While video stores are on the decline, there are hundreds of retailers still making a decent profit from video rentals. The Alerion Video Store Software product is the cornerstone in their business and gives them them the tools and information to make informed decisions.

Alerion video store software
Alerion point of sale and video store software

Most video store software developers have dropped out of the game or their software has remained stuck in the 90's. On the other hand, the Alerion suite of products uses the latest technologies to keep up with the changing operating systems and computer hardware.


Web Design

web design
web development

Are you in need of a company website, have a product offering you want on the Internet, or need a custom web application for your business? If so, you have reach the right place.

Our developers create solutions from scratch which are mobile friendly, data-driven, and have the same passion that you have for your business. No templates here! Dare to stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


Android Apps

Android app development
Android app development

Need a custom Android app for your next project? Whether your app idea is something simple or extremely complex, our development team can deliver results.


Cloud Backup

Almost everything in your business can be replaced, except one thing. Your data. An off-site backup is crucial for your peace of mind.

Cloud backup service
Cloud backup for Alerion, Phoenix, and Solis.

Our cloud backup service is dedicated to securing your Alerion, Phoenix, and Solis Tanning information.


Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing
Credit card processing for Alerion, Phoenix, and Solis

Speed up your customer transactions by using integrated credit card processing. Ditch the credit card terminal and process right within Alerion, Phoenix, or Solis software products.


Point of Sale Hardware

Point of sale hardware
bar code scanners, receipt printers, and more

Computer peripherals you can count on to work with Alerion, Phoenix, and Solis. Receipt printers, bar code scanners, label printers, and customer displays.


Point of Sale Supplies

Point of sale supplies
receipt paper, printer ribbons

Receipt printer rolls, credit card paper, pre-printed bar code labels, Zebra labels, and printer ribbons.