Alerion XMT Software

There are two pieces to the Alerion suite of products: Alerion Point of Sale and Alerion XMT.

The POS is where your clerks will conduct day-to-day business with your customers: conduct sales, rent products, and perform some light duty analysis.

Shopping bags
Shopping bags

The XMT is your back office product. It's where you go to get detailed analysis of your business, perform data manipulations, imports, exports, bar code printing, physical inventory, client marketing, and product distribution.

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bar chart

The Alerion XMT is an add-on, or an addition, to the base system (Alerion POS). It adds features and tools that really make a positive impact on your business. To learn more about Alerion XMT, click the link below to visit the Alerion XMT website.

Many retailers have told us that the Alerion XMT has paid for itself in the first month and they don't know how they would survive without it.

The Alerion POS (point-of-sale) is the base product in this suite. Click the link below to find out more.


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