Gift Cards

Facts You Should Know About Making Money And
Increasing Customer Traffic With Gift Cards

Making money with gift cards
Making money with gift cards
  • Only 85% of the value of gift cards are ever redeemed which means an additional 15% profit to you.
  • Gift cards can generate new customers when given as a gift.
  • National studies show that a customer will frequent your business more when they have a gift card.
  • Your company name will be in your customer’s mind each time they open their wallet.
  • With our system, there are no 3rd party charges for swiping a gift card.
  • You can create your own image for your gift card or choose from a stock image.
  • With our gift cards, you can input the information with either a mag stripe reader or barcode reader.
Gift Card Swiper
Gift Card Swiper

It’s easy to get started putting gift cards to work for you. Choose one of the stock gift cards or create your own image. Minimum order 500 cards $1.20 per card. Call (800) 922-4556 opt 1.

Gift Card Specs
Gift Card Specs Front
Gift Card Specs Front
Gift Card Specs Back
Gift Card Specs Back


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