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Android Apps
Android Apps

Over the years, we have created several Android Apps during testing the platform that have made it to he Google Play Store.

  • Duotaire - Game - Duotaire is a two-person game based on the traditional solitaire style of Klondike. Both players play the game at the same time, playing their own game but sharing common foundation piles. You can play against another person or against the computer.

  • Word Search Replay - Game - Word Search Replay is a classic word-search game.

      Word Search Replay  
  • Tip O'Meter - App - Tip O'Meter is more than just a tip calculator, it is a server motivator! Learn more about

      Tip O'Meter  
  • Recipe Calorie Calculator - App - Recipe Calorie Calculator is designed to allow you to enter the ingredients of a recipe and produce a ball-park figure on the per-serving calories of the dish. Learn more about

      Recipe Calorie Calculator  
  • Reader Board - App - Use your phone as a reader board to convey a message or feeling to someone across the room or in another vehicle. ReaderBoard even has a mirror option so you can send a message to the car in front of you. Learn more about

      Reader Board  
  • Mine Maze - Game - Find your way through a random mine tunnel, gathering gold and gems along the way as fast as you can! Learn more about

      Mine Maze  
  • Mine Madness - Game - Mine Madness is a classic arcade-style game where your goal is help Miner Mike dig his way through all 50 levels of the mine to make it to freedom. Learn more about

      Mine Madness  
  • Galactic bounty Hunter - Game - Your objective as Captain of a bounty hunting ship is to seek out and destroy known villains which are menacing the galaxy. Learn more about

      Galactic bounty Hunter