Cloud Backup Service

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Most things can be replaced. But when you lose your data, it's gone forever. We have heard it many times before, a retailer gets to the store and someone has stolen the computers, the computer crashed, or a disgruntled employee has deleted the data and taken the backup.

This is never a good time to learn that your backup scheme is deficient or nonexistent. It means long grueling hours of re-entering your data. Every movie, every game, every customer. Don't kid yourself, it's not easy and you lose all the valuable historical data including late fees that customers owe you. The good news is there is a simple and cheap way to help insure your data is safe.

This system stores four generations of your data on our secure servers and will automatically transfer the data from Alerion, Phoenix, Turns, Solis or The Complete Video Store each night. Every day you will receive an email notification on the status of your backup. Never again will you wonder if your backup system is working.

Your data is the most important asset you have, isn't it worth $6 a month to keep it secure? Of course it is. Call us today to get started.

$6.00 (per month)


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