Data Conversion

A data conversion service is available for customers purchasing the Alerion POS/Video Rental product. We have converted data from hundreds of video rental and POS applications.

As a general rule, we convert your rental product, merchandise, customers and late fees. The limiting factor is your existing software and what information can be either extracted from the file or printed to a report. Some items simply do not translate like past revenue history and customer rental history.

All rental inventory is converted as "in store," you will need to run your old software and new software side-by-side until the majority of items checked out in your old software have been returned.

We have converted many of the rental software product that have been on the market and we will use a specific template to start your conversion. However, each data conversion is different based on the software, the version, and how you used certain fields. So will be customizing our convert template to meet your needs.

An average data conversion takes 1-2 weeks or longer based on the user. We take a two-step approach to data conversion:

  1. Pre-conversion
  2. Live conversion


While you are still using your older software, we extract your data and convert it into the Alerion format. You get the chance to review the data and even work with the data for as long as you wish. Many retailers will take this time to train their employees on Alerion using the pre-data.

Live Conversion

Once you have reviewed the data and are ready to go 'live', we schedule a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to perform your live conversion. We obtain your data again, run the conversion process and install the data into Alerion for the final time.



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